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Currently, there are protests in Hong Kong where the citizens are asking for a greater democracy and a better living situtation. Some citizens from Hong Kong are demanding independence from China. The Chinese govenment has moved armed forces to the hong kong border. It is not clear if China will use deadly force against the citizens of hong kong. Protestors in Hong Kong are defending themselves against police brutality and are fighting back. The USA has asked of China to observe a greater democracy in Hong Kong and allow freedom of expression. People of Hong Kong: The world sees and stands with you in your struggles, be water.

Turkey is amassing troops and other military equipment along the border of Northeast Syria, Turkey intends to attack the Syrian Kurds in that area. United States has made it known that they look to prevent any invasion of northern Syria.

Venezuelans are still protesting and demanding that Nicolas Maduro step down from the government and allow President-elect Juan Guaido to lead the country.